Sharing to Google Classroom and uploading shared footage

I keep seeing options for students to upload directly to Google Classroom, but I don’t have those icons under the video. Is there a way for me to get them? And also, when I upload shared media for the students, can I upload just to certain groups (aka classes) or does it just go to everyone? Thanks

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Hi Coleen,
You can share media to one project or to all of them. If you right click on media that you have added, you can share it to one project at a time or to all projects at the same time.
Hope that helps!

Hmmmm… Ok, so I uploaded the media to my account and put it in the shared tab. I only want to send it to my Media I kids, but it looks like it just goes to everyone. When the kids log in, do they right click and move it to their own accounts? Every kid in Media I is editing the same footage to get a final project. Does that make sense? Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for posting here @coleen.moskowitz. Were you able to figure this out?

Yes… I finally figured it all out. Working perfectly now with my romote kids. Thanks